Mother's Day Mini Sessions // Skaneateles New York Photography

How is May already almost over?! This week is crazy for me as photo sessions ramp up and I get into production with some wedding clients for their day-of things. Today I'm looking back on these mini sessions from the beginning of the month in celebration of Mother's Day. I teamed up with Buddhaful Bellies to coordinate this offering at the gorgeous Sky Yoga + Wellness studio in Skaneateles and am so happy with how they turned out! Each session has such a different vibe to it, all because of who the subjects were. The idea here was to capture moms and their kids (no matter what the ages!) because mamas, we need to be in the pictures too - and not just selfies! I hope these are photos that will be cherished forever.

First, I'm showing you the test run that Tori and I set up for marketing purposes. She happens to have the cutest little babe ever!

And here are the rest of the sessions!

65th Anniversary Party // Auburn, New York Photography

I don't share many events that I've photographed, but I just have to share a few from this surprise anniversary party a few weekends ago. Barbara and Fred have been together for 65 years, and their family surprised them with a party at the Sunset Restaurant in Auburn. It was such a pleasure to be there with them and capture all of the delight on everyone's faces throughout the afternoon! Here are a few of my favorites...

Daniela // Skaneateles Lake Maternity Photography Session

Secret : I usually scan through my clients' Facebook before our sessions because I'm sometimes afraid I won't recognize them when we arrive at our locations. This is relevant because although I'm always excited to photograph my clients, Daniela is absolutely gorgeous and I knew she would be rocking her sweet baby bump for our session - I just LOVE expectant moms... they're so beautiful!! And then these two show up and are so sweet, funny and caring together... I'm so excited for them to be parents and cannot wait to photograph their sweet baby girl - due this week!

Emily // Floral Crown Portrait Session in Auburn. New York

So, I LOVE giving away photo sessions, especially when it's driven by a core value of my business. One thing that's so dear to my heart is self-love and honoring oneself in whatever stage of your journey you are in, and it feels like a duty to share my abilities with women to fulfill this mission of sorts - spreading self love, having photos of yourself that you love, and being proud of who you are even if she isn't who you always want to be. I think everyone needs to have photos of themselves, and not even for reasons of vanity, but because these photos are what tell our story! I see no difference between Marilyn Monroe or Kim Kardashian and a "regular" girl having a bajillion pictures of themselves - we are ALL worth capturing. I was inspired after photographing my sister for her birthday to run this giveaway for women to enter and have portraits taken, and Emily won! We coordinated the shoot very lightly - I told her to bring 2 outfits, one maybe involving a dress and then something casual. My mom strung together a beautifully simple flower crown, and we headed to a random field that anyone who lives in Auburn definitely drives by at least once a week (this is my trade secret - random fields that are hidden in plain sight!) Enjoy!!

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Olivia's 21st Birthday and Graduation Portraits // Rochester New York Photographer

My amazing sister has had quite the month! She turned 21 at the end of April and graduated from Nazareth College (in 3 years!! Summa Cum Laude!!) She's in front of my camera often, but I don't really share them in this space and today I'm breaking that chain. We did a quick little session on her birthday in Highland Park in Rochester, New York on her birthday and another one on graduation day at Nazareth. Here are just a few of my faves from each occasion.

That last one is her and I - the editing is a little wonky because the settings on my camera were wrong when I handed it over, but I couldn't trash it!! I love this little sis of mine so, so much. Her beauty, talent and drive continually amaze me and I cannot wait to be alongside her as she tries new things and succeeds in everything she does.

Love you, Liv!! Xoxo