I'm Emma.

I began planting the seeds that would eventually grow into this business in 2012, when I had my son. I designed stationery goods for him/myself, eventually creating things for others somewhat reluctantly. I worked as a graphic designer in Auburn, NY for almost three years, honing my skills and branching into photography in the summer of 2015 - again, somewhat reluctantly.

Fast forward to 2016, when I realized that what I had been doing was quickly becoming it's own business and I was no longer creating stationery and photographing with reluctance. I officially became Emma Bauso Designs in the fall of 2016, and haven't looked back since!

I work from my home office in Auburn, NY but work with clients all over Central New York. I have two littles, Julian and Nova, who have both inspired this business in different ways. Together with their dad, I hope to inspire them to always consider "what else", and how they can be in service of others while feeling fulfilled themselves.

When you spend time with me, you'll find that I'm not afraid to be vulnerable, laugh at myself, or ask you questions maybe you haven't heard or thought of before. While I love things that are beautiful and precious, I really love the thoughts and ideas that make us human.

What I love about photography...

Is that I can capture the essence of a moment, a feeling, a relationship and give that to my subjects. The gift is not just so they can see what they look like, it's so they can see what they feel like. I try as much as possible to remove any superficial feelings and create moments during my sessions and wedding days that are real, and could even present themselves in my clients' everyday lives. Shooting with me is very much all about you, just with me witnessing it.



And this is Olivia.

She's my right hand lady and always the best photo subject when I feel like playing around! You'll often see her second-shooting along with me at weddings, you'll hear her name come up in my conversations and you'll definitely see her in my Instagram feed. She's off to a great start in her own career as a photographer/dancer/media expert based in Rochester, NY and I'm just lucky she's my sister and always makes herself available to help me make your days as perfect as they can be!


"I loved working with Emma. From the shower invitation, shower thank you notes, wedding invitations, and day of wedding stationary everything came together AND tied into my theme. I loved allowing Emma to use her creativity to design something that would be fun for her but also fit what I wanted."

"In the wedding-world filled with templates and designs accessible to anyone, Emma delivers work that promises to be unique to every single client. She goes above and beyond in creating literal works of art that reflect the client's vision."

"Emma is great, she works really hard to fulfill your dreams and expectations. I talked to Emma more than any other vendor and she is super sweet, I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of beautiful and unique invitations." -Angelina