mini sessions

What's so great about mini sessions?

Mini sessions are one of my favorite ways to make sure all of my recurring AND new clients get updated photos of themselves and their families. I have done several rounds of these special events in the couple of years that I’ve been a photographer, and today I wanted to share with you what the best parts of mini sessions are. If you’ve never booked a session like this, you’ll love knowing all of these pros before you decide to schedule one with me or your preferred photographer!


1 // They’re Quick!

It’s right in the name - mini ! Usually mini sessions are 20 or 30 minutes, which is actually the perfect amount of time to have all the photos you could possibly want. This time frame is especially great for families with 2 or 3 young kids who might not last through an entire 1-hour session. Usually 20 minutes is a perfect amount of time to get a couple full family shots, some individuals, and several candids in between all of those Christmas-Card-and-framed-gift-worthy shots. Plus, no husband or boyfriend has ever complained during these quick sessions ;D

2 // They’re Affordable

I love planning these sessions as many times in a year as I can, because I know that not every family or couple wants to invest hundreds of dollars to update their family photos. Most of my regular sessions happen for big life events - new baby, engagement, maternity, etc - but it’s so important to have new photos of your family as they grow more and more every day. All of those sessions can add up, though! That’s why spending $150 or so a year on these sessions is reasonable for most people. Save your money for the big life events and book a mini session once or twice a year!

3 // They’re Usually Adorably Styled

Personally, almost all of the mini session events I’ve planned come with some sort of “theme” or stylized setting. I like to have it as something special (and honestly to draw people in with my fun ideas ;D) but I usually plan for the fact that not everyone will want to take their photos in front of the setting I have planned. Usually the locations lend themselves well to venturing off course a bit, which is a great way to make your session different from the others I do that day! I also love using mini sessions as a way to connect with other vendors in the area, whether it’s with my girl Katie from She Rents Vintage, Stacey from The Cake Shop CNY, or with a venue I love - like the Sinclair of Skaneateles.

4 // They’re Timely

Any smart photographer will offer mini sessions before a holiday or during a season when people are going to want photos to give as gifts, in celebration of something, or because the weather is getting cooler and the leaves are changing (I’m looking at you, fall!) I like offering mini sessions around Christmas, Mother’s Day, and in September. This year I’m thinking of squeezing in Father’s Day sessions as well! I have also have done some last-minute headshot sessions so that anyone in need of professional looking portraits of themselves can easily have a handful of good ones. Mini sessions are also easy for a photographer to edit within just a few days, especially if they’re during their off season for weddings, so you can expect the turnaround time to be pretty fast!

So, are you itching to have on of these mini sessions for yourself? You’re in luck! I’m planning a whole day of 20 minute sessions at the end of April, just in time for Mother’s Day! Learn more about them here: