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The Wedding Guide

Welcome to this super secret spot on the internet, which you've gained access to because of an alignment in the universe that brought you to me. Aaaand also because you're awesome and decided to hire me to photograph your wedding!

On this page you will find lots of information that will help answer any questions that maybe you didn't even know existed in your mind, so that you can be even better prepared as you plan the perfect wedding day! These topics cover things from planning your timeline to what you should have ready on your wedding day when I arrive to photograph you, in hopes of helping you make things go smoothly.

Getting Started

At this point, we're just getting started. Maybe we've had a conversation and you're ready to go, the proposal is out, or you've even officially booked me by paying a deposit. At any rate, this one is for you:

document about: Wedding Day timeline, best times of day for things, all about the first look, variety of detail photos that may be important to you, getting ready spaces for optimal lighting, engagement sessions, a pep talk and some fluffy feelings about managing the stress