March 9th and 10th Boudoir Bash!

March 9th and 10th Boudoir Bash!


Join me for a day of sensual, sexy and fun boudoir photos on January 26th or 27th! Boudoir means different things to different people. To some, it’s super glam and sexual. To others, it’s casual portraits where the subject happens to be a little (or totally) naked. Whichever you visualize, I want to make come true for you!

These sessions are for anyone and everyone. You could identify as a girlfriend, wife, mom, or even just you. Bring your partner for an intimate session together. Bring your beautiful pregnant belly for some time to honor your changing body! Whatever you are, whatever you’ll bring - it’s welcome in these sessions. As long as you’re willing to trust me and your body to create some amazing images, these are for you!

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Because of the demand of these sessions, I’ll have my amazing sister/second photographer Olivia also photographing girls on Saturday the 9th! Olivia is a photographer in Rochester who has a ton of experience with portrait photography, dance photography, and is my right hand lady on wedding days. Sessions will be divided between us at random.


The Kester Homestead // Memphis NY


Time slots will be booked every hour, starting on the hour. We will want all of that time to become fully comfortable with each other and to let the magic happen! I suggest you plan on arriving 15-30 minutes before your time slot to get comfortable, enjoy a drink, and soak in the beautiful atmosphere we’ll be creating that day. You’re more than welcome to hang out before that period though! I want this to be a fun, empowering day for you so please take whatever you need to make that happen.


We will be shooting for about an hour, and as you can see from some of the photos of the property, the rooms are very versatile so you’ll be sure to find several spaces that fit the vibe you’re looking for. I suggest you start shopping for fun things to wear (maybe 1-3 “outfits”) as soon as you book this session so you know you look bomb in whatever you choose. I’ll probably also bring some simple robe options, maybe a few body jewelry options, and some loose flowers to help make you feel amazing! If you’d like any help with choosing your ensemble(s), do not hesitate to reach out.

After the shoot, you will receive a private, password accessible gallery of your edited images (probably between 20 and 40!) which can be downloaded and used for print and digital sharing. The photos will range from full on, recognizable shots (aka your beautiful face showing!) to close up, intimate shots (maybe a particularly gorgeous ASSet or lovely collarbone… you know, the sexy things themselves.)


The why is different for everyone on these. Yes, they could be a gift to your someone, but maybe they’re a gift to you, the most valuable person in your life! If you’re nervous or worried that your body isn’t in tip top shape - don’t be. These aren’t reserved for any specific body type - they’re reserved for anyone who recognizes their body as a work of art that deserves a time to shine.

ALSO - if there are any couples who want to sign up for an intimate session together…. ummm all the way YES. Please let me know beforehand in the “additional comments” section during checkout, or via email once you convince him/her.

Interested in boudoir, but unsure of what to expect? Here are some of my favorite instagram accounts that show some amazing examples.

OWN Boudoir // Sarah Horne Boudoir // Jennifer Skog Intimate Boudoir // &HELEN // Andria Lindquist (check her highlight for some couples examples!)

Professional Makeup

Annie Ross will be available on-site for professional makeup and quick hair curling (if need be!) The makeup includes false lashes (highly recommend going for them!) at a rate of $65. You would begin the makeup process 1 hour before your scheduled shoot time. If you’re interested in adding this onto your session, please check the box in the checkout form so me or Annie can contact you about payment! Check out Annie on Instagram here (scroll down to see some of her past boudoir work!)

Where to Shop

Interested but can’t imagine what you’d wear? First of all, naked is always an option. A carefully placed sheet or robe is better than any outfit you can buy! But, here are some awesome options if you want to shop around:

Savage Fenty by Rihanna // Target!! // ASOS // Bluebella // Gooseberry // Yandy