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The Wedding Stationery Process

So, you think you want to hire me? I think it's a great idea! My process is so much more polished and smooth than it was in the past, which is something I'm very proud to be able to say. It is always a work in progress, though, so if you've chatted with a past client of mine about what it was like to work with me, it may not be exactly the same fom year to year. Here is the latest version, and of course if you have any questions at all, please shoot me an email at emmabauso (at) gmail . com.

1. inquiry
2. meeting/Consultation
3. timeline
4. Contract/quote
5. content
6. design concept
7. approval + 50% deposit
8. production
9. delivery + final payment

The Inquiry

Chances are, your inquiry will begin when you fill out the form on my contact page. This will collect the basic information I need in order to get started. The form will automatically enter you into my client management system, Honeybook, which is where all of our communication, design proofs, documents and payments will take place. This makes the process really smooth and keeps me organized! You also may want to request my pricing guide, which I'd be glad to send you when you fill out the form at the bottom of my Stationery page. I know, I know... all these forms. I like using the internet to my advantage!

The meeting / consultation

Near, far, wherever you are (yep, you're singing it) we will find a way to chat about your wedding! I say "your wedding" and not "your stationery" because I want to know allllll about the special day you're planning. Florals, your dress (I won't tell your guy, and if he's with us, we won't go there) your bridesmaids' dresses, the venue, the favors... all of it! When I have a full idea of what's going on, it allows me to channel several aspects of your day into your stationery. Imagine when you're watching a movie, and something happens that makes you wonder if it has anything to do with the rest of the plot (foreshadowing). And then when you finish the movie, you think "OHHH, yeah! It all makes sense now!" That's what we want your guests to do, but with your invitations! We want them to walk into your wedding, take one look at everything and have every little detail of your invitation make sense. It's a peek of what's to come! This is also where I help to assess what pieces you need in your suite, what your must haves are, and you get to see and feel some of my favorite past work. We also may chat about what other things, beyond invitations, you will need for your wedding.


After we meet, I'll work on a timeline that will dictate all of our deadlines from contract to delivery. This way, we're all on the same page and held accountable for what our individual jobs are! Plus, without a schedule, I'll admit that I'm lost. Your invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding, and I always plan to get the finished product back to you with at least 9 weeks to go - sooner if you'll be addressing them yourself.

contract / quote

This is the first "date" on the timeline. I will have sent you a fairly simple document through Honeybook that you should read through to make sure you understand all of the terms and my policies of working together. Then, you can sign it and check out the baseline quote, which will be the same thing you saw in my pricing guide. Any extras that are added during the design process will be added to the quote at that point.


I'll send you a questionnaire-like document in Honeybook that is fill-in-the-blank style. This collects all of the information that you'll want on your invitations, extra card and RSVP card. 

design concept

About a week after the content is sent to me through that document, I will show you the design concept I've come up with! I typically show one concept, but there may be some options or alternate ideas within that for you to choose from. This varies on the client and whether or not I can make my own design decisions. Sometimes I kust like more than one idea and want you to pick. The design concept document will be comprised of two pages, typically. The first page shows each piece layed out and labeled clearly, with any suggested embellishments also included. The second page will show you any alternative options you have OR it will skip to the assembled view, which gives you an idea of the kind of layered look you can expect to see when your invitations are produced and ready for mailing.

approval + 50% Deposit

After about a week to 10 days, hopefully we will have gotten though any content and design changes and arrived at a perfect suite that's ready to go to print! Once it's approved you will put down your deposit, which all goes towards ordering materials. Once everything is ordered, we wait until it starts to come in. After it arrives to me, I work on assembling as much as I can to get them ready to mail. Sometimes I help with addressing, so if that's the case, everything is ready for you to mail besides adding postage to your RSVP envelope (which I can also do, if you purchase it and hand it over!)

delivery and final payment

After all of the work on my part is done, it's time for me to hand over my babies into your loving arms. Usually I'm happy to see them go, but only because this means they're on their way to their forever homes - your guests! It's always my hope that your guests value and cherish these invitations just as much as we do. My most favorite compliment usually comes in the form of tears, and preferably from your grandparents or parents!!

I hate when this process comes to an end, because I just loooove my clients. I love helping them achieve their vision for wedding stationery - especially when they aren't even sure what their vision is when we begin! It's usually the case that my clients have no idea what the end result will be, and that is totally fine. The whole reason behind hiring a professional for anything is so they can use their expertise to get to the bottom of what you need, right? Together, we will figure out what makes the perfect invitations for you and your wedding.

I love doing this so, so much. I hope that comes across in the way I talk about my work online, but it will definitely show during our first meeting. My clients become friends, and I feel so much joy for them through this planning process and then their wedding day! It would truly be a gift to be part of such a special time in your life.

will you say yes?